Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking for Answers? Here ya' go!

My friend and client Rudy Anderson has nicely summarized his Near-Death Experience on I am working with Rudy (a.k.a "Rudenski") on a book about his NDE. The book will be amazing.

But for now, here is the summary of his NDE which, again, he has placed on It's followed below by a direct link at And then, once you're at the link, Rudy's NDE is fully spelled out in five additional, consecutive links.



"A NDE or Near Death Experience usually refers to a person who dies and their soul leaves their body and goes to the other side. I was in a terrible car crash, while I was in the army... As my car began rolling into a corn field, I experienced what many NDE experiencers go through... My life flashed before my eyes... I had a life review. It was like a 3 D Movie of my whole life... In the movie, I was shown my whole life from just outside of my body. Not everyone will remember their life review in a NDE but one day they will... when the body they live in dies for good... but there is nothing to fear...

In my life review, I learned about what is important... the times we spend with family and friends... enjoying each other's company... times we spend enjoying nature or admiring some aspect of the world around us... times when we help someone out with kind intentions... anything done with kindness, joy, and or affection... these are the times I saw that were important in my NDE///

What is not important were things like eating, working for money, pooping, sex, and other biological functions meant to keep our body alive that do not nourish the soul... they were all just fast forwarded past... and forgotten... From my NDE, I learned that we have to do things to keep our body happy but we should also be trying to get as much into our life review as possible/// so enjoy life, family, friends, nature... Laugh as much as possible... find reasons to smile.. be kind to others.. Live as if every moment of your life was being filmed... because it is... and try to get as much of your life into the final edit as you can... because that is who and what you are... the you that lived in your body... into who and what is love..."

- by Rudy Anderson (via

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