Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please Help Courtney Love...

...before we lose her like we lost Michael and Farrah.


Herbie J Pilato said...

A friend of mine, who I will call "Lara," was somewhat shy in publically posting her comment about Courtney Love. But she did allow me to post it, anonymously. So, here it is below.

Herbie J

"I do not believe that Courtney Love woke up one day and said, hmmmm, ya know what I would love, ... to be a raging druggie, to screw up my child's life and do it in front of everyone.

There are reasons she was vulnerable to that lifestyle and she is self medicating herself.
Addiction is a big liar and very hard to get out of your life.

I know this because I am the child of two alcoholics, exwife of a herion addict, exgirlfriend to a gambler and wife of a computer addict.

I truly feel for her, and wish she could fight her inner demons and give her daughter the life she deserves.

But... If I knew her personally I would treat her with dignity and respect but stay as far away from her drug induced roller coaster as I could. It is a choice she has to make on her own. I would though do everything I could to help her child.

gnotes said...

Spoken from a woman who fights those demons daily and faces life's challenges head on. With concern for her children being the utmost importance.

Kudos to you "Lara".


Marcy said...


Yes, every homeless junkie was once somebody's adorable infant, perfect,innocent and full of light.

And so I am reminded not to pass judgement, or rather, inflict criticism. The opposite of that would be compassion, but as you say, and have evidenced in your life, compassion may best be exercised at a distance, so as not to get sucked into the maelstrom of the addictions.
And as they say in AA groups, only a "Power greater than yourself"...can bring about the change. It is ultimately a supernatural journey.

How interesting that you, even with your awareness, have played your childhood out by marrying addicts.
In light of this, what advice would you give to Courtney to keep from playing out a terrible script with more terrible choices?