Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Bewitched": Happy 45th Anniversary to "Samantha" and "Darrin"

Today marks the actual 45th Anniversary of "Bewitched's" debut - and it was on a Thursday!

Let's celebrate by embracing the "spirit" and message of "Bewitched":

- Prejudice: Loving each other despite our differences and concentrating on what makes us the same: our common humanity ("mortal" or "witch"; black or white, etc.).

- Samantha's strong set of priorities: She loved Darrin for who he was - and not for what he could buy or give her, because whatever he could buy or give her, she could "twitch" up something better. So, she actually loved HIM just for HIM - and nothing else.

- Darrin's strong work ethic: There's an early episode of Bewitched from the first season, titled, "A Is For Aardvark." Here, Darrin gets sick, Samantha tires of running up and down the stairs to care for him, she gives him the power of magic to make things easier for him; he learns that having things without working for them is meaningless.

There are many other messages, of course, in Bewitched. But those are the basic three. And yet the main reason the show was popular of course is because it was just plain wonderful - in every aspect, from the charming cast (lead by the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery; the talented "two Darrins" - Dick York and later Dick Sargent; the iconic Agnes Moorehead and David "Larry Tate" White, and so many more) - to the optimum directing, producing and writing. All of it pulled together to make the show so much more than just a fantasy sitcom.

And you could read more about what made the show so magical is either my original "Bewitched" Book - or any of the revised editions of "Bewitched" Forever.

Have a great, great day!

Herbie J

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