Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Choose To Be Free: Live, Laugh and Love

Fall is a strange thing.

It harkens back to "starting school" and the "loss" of summer...which only feeds into ancient other "losses" from our past - all of which have nothing to do with "here" and now.

Such "memories" pile one on top of the other...emotions mix...transitions transpire and expire.

It appears to to all happens at once - at the "reminder time" of Fall.

People are cluttered with much of which they are not even aware.

It takes a few days to register and balance it all out...during the "transition period."

So, again - Fall is a strange thing. Or maybe better said, our fall from Heaven puts us out of sorts. For in Heaven there is no time. Whereas on Earth, we seem to become victims of it.

Yet, I say, we should not let ourselves be victims of anything.

Let us all hail and choose freedom - and refuse to be inhibited and conflicted by the loud ticking clocks of this world. Instead, let us live Heaven - here on Earth...and allow the still small voice of laughter and love to melt away the constraints of time.

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