Sunday, September 13, 2009

Herbie J's General Health Plan For Mind, Body & Spirit

Bottom line: stay as far away as possible from bread, pizza and pasta.

You can eat red meat, like hamburger and steak - because ultimately red meat "eats" calories. But if you have a hamburger, toss the bun. And don't have it with fries.

Sometimes, it's all about eating the right combinations - and red meat and bread and fries just don't mix.

Meanwhile, eliminate all pork. Pork is poison - and comes from the pig, which eats garbage.

Same goes for lobster and shrimp.

You can have fish and other seafood. But stay away from lobster and shrimp. When alive, these creatures eat the garbage on the floor of the sea. And that garbage will then be transformed into your system.

Also, of course, stay away smoking and drinking. And if you have a drink, make it a glass of white wine only (and not red).

Obviously, eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

But don't eat fruit directly with your main course.

Ideally, eat your fruit about twenty minutes before your main course. And have your salad after your meal.

And don't eat anything but fruit in the the dinner you had the night before is still digesting until about Noon the next day.

So let your previous evening meal digest before you have anything like bacon, eggs or cereal...though the latter of which you should also eliminate altogether.

Really, no milk and no cereal.

But if you must have milk and cereal...don't have it with juice.

Because you'll have a stomach ache. (Try pouring some juice in a bowl of milk and see how unattractive that looks. Now, imagine what that would do to your stomach.)

Overall, drink as much water as possible, though not necessarily with your meals (it doesn't always help with digestion if taken with food). As with fruit, have the water about twenty minutes or so before you eat. Or twenty minutes after.

And also drink a lot of green tea. Not only is it an antioxidant, but like red meat - it actually EATS calories. (I know, I know. But it's the truth.)

And take vitamins...Vitamin C, in particular. Globs of it, if possible. Study the research of Linus Pauling. (Though check with your doctor if you are unable to have high doses of VC or if your have issues with acidics.)

Another plan may involve eating oatmeal in the morning - and Fibricon once a day, with a daily lunch and dinner plan involving various veggies, chicken and white fish

The real secret for eating healthy is getting everything "moved out" and properly cleaning the digestive tract.

Some may argue that both red meat and fruits slows down the digestive process, as red meat is too taxing digest, while fruits merely transform into sugar (which ultimately calculates as empty calories).

So, in general, you have to do what works best for you - when it comes to food in-take.

Beyond that...of course employ some form of exercise or work-out plan (walking daily for twenty-thirty minutes is the best) - and then...

- Talk to your body...tell it how much you love it. (If it works for plants, it can work for you.

And while you're at it, pick up a copy of "THE POWER OF PRAYER OVER PLANTS." It's an astounding read.

In general, try to cause as little harm as possible to others...and be as kind as possible to yourself as you are to others.

Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you - and forgive yourself. Don't judge others. Somehow contribute to their success. Or better yet - be the REASON they succeed. And then love however you name God, the Universe, or the Good Creator of All Things - with your entire heart.

Follow this plan, and you'll be all set - at and away from the table.

Sending Light Your Way Forever,

Herbie J :)

PS: And just remember this quote from superstar Reba McEntire:

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Love that.

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