Sunday, September 27, 2009

New "Bewitched" Lyrics by Herbie J Pilato (To Theme Of The Original Series)

I wrote these lyrics back in 1988, when I began research for the originnal "Bewitched Book." The lyrics then appeared only in the second editon of "Bewitched Forever." Also, too, you could log on to, where you will be able to hear me sing these new lyrics to a jazzy/ragtime arrangement that I recorded as a demo with The Royals - a top-notch band featuring producer George Schnell on lead guitar, John Perevich on base, Joe Minotti on drums and Michael Riddell on keyboards.

And here's the link again for the audio version:

But for now, below are just the lyrics.



New "Bewitched" lyrics - by Herbie J Pilato

(OPENING to be spoken - to match Opening Credits of original TV show)

My pretty witch spells the moonlight sky...
Twinkles the stars as she zips by....

Her charm is enchanting,
Her appeal incantagious -
Ever inspiring.
A supernatural sensation -
She's so startling.

I'm captured by her smile -
Magically raptured all the while.
I can't believe what I see and hear -
Music "sounds" as she disappears


Yeah - she's got hynoptized -
Metaphysically I'm undenied.
And whenever my hands are tied,
She loosens up the bind.

With the "twitch" of her nose -
Or the snap of her finger,
Samantha flies by my side...

Low and behold -
I am Bewitched.

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Anonymous said...

very nice lyrics Herbie - I never really read the words - I only hear you singing the song. Thanks again for choosing the Royals to record with. We need to do more recordings