Friday, September 18, 2009

"True Power" (via "The Big E" - and Dee Wallace Stone)

"To fully understand why "knowledge" is power, we have to have an understanding of true power. Power is not force. Power is not the ability to overcome; it is the ability to just be. It is the ability to know that you are the all and that all is well. The purest form of power lies within each one of us – it is our ability to love ourselves. When we can truly love ourselves, we are able to truly love others. When we know that there is nothing we must change about ourselves in order to be loved, we know that there is nothing we must change about anyone else in order to love them.

Knowledge, then, is not something gained from books or life experience. Rather, it is the extent to which we can allow, trust, and love who we are. We are able to stop taking action for the sake of action, because that is force, not power. Vibrationally, our knowing is sent out to the "Big E" (for "Energy") and is answered in kind. When we truly know and embrace who we are, we are able to sit back and allow the Big E to bring us our good, and we are able to receive it in whatever form it wishes to take. Our knowing also spawns an awakening within the people we encounter. Our love for ourselves gives them permission to love and know themselves, and when we possess that knowledge, we possess the ultimate power."

- Jarrad and Dee
The Big E

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