Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Last Two Facebook "Status Updates" - Come Join Me.

"Herbie J Pilato wonders why anyone would want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with them. Respect yourself, Peeps - and move on."

"Herbie J Pilato now has instant oat meal every morning...mixed with a dash of honey and Apple Cider (from Kelly's Farms in Hilton, NY)."


Christian A. Beltram said...

I like the great advice. Consequently, I do my best to make people feel happy whenever I talk to them so they will enjoy being with me. I have found that by practicing that, I can make friends easily.

Herbie J Pilato said...

Christian -

So good to hear from you. And I know oh so well the great things you do for this world. You are a grand, grand soul.

Bless you forever....

Herbie J