Thursday, October 01, 2009

Art's Role In Life

Art is life. Life was created for art. Art was created for life. All life is art. We paint pictures, film them, take them, envision them, embrace them, stare at them, analyze them, and write about them. We write about how different they are from one another, just as different as we, ourselves, are from one another.

If a picture paints a thousand words? Of course, it does. There's no" ifs," "ands" or "buts" about it, most probably one million more or so, depending on the painter, the picture-maker, photographer, director, and the model of life. Yet again, let's keep our facts straight: the model of life is art, which may also be the name of the artist, who's first name may be "Art" and last name may be "Tist" – all depending on how you look at it, which is an art in and of itself.

What tangibles remain most of a culture, decade after decade, century after century? Certainly not the people themselves. They are gone. Certainly not their souls, for they have traveled elsewhere, to another realm. Not their philosophies itself, but the writing down of them, and the interpretations, be they for the canvas, the stage, the plasma or redundant big widescreen. Be they divided into acts, or frames, or colors by numbers. However they be categorized by the interpreter, somehowthe art works out – especially and collectively for the appreciator, or curator, who takes it all down for all, and hides it away, guarding it from sand and sea so that one day it is uncovered as the representatives of peoples. The people's representatives, which can then be twisted to fit the needs of the philosopher, which we ultimately become, because of someone’s art – possibly our own.

Suffice it to create, the only remaining tangible of any culture, is its art. Art's role in life, therefore, hair-go (approximately around the age of 41), is it's ability to be passed on, literally, figuratively, physically, and to some extent, metaphysically, depending on the receiver, be they transient, medium, prolific, or small.

Cearly, with nay a painted brush, quilted pen, director's hand or helm, or thespian's rule or blur, art's role in life is large, as in living.

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