Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Happy Birthday to St. Frances of Turri"

My Mom would have turned 88 today, had she not passed into spirit on May 5th, 2008. Every good thing that I am, think, say and/or do, is because of the great Light and Love that God granted me through both my Mom and my Dad (St. Pompeii).

I refer to my Mom here as "St. Frances of Turri," because first of all "St. Frances" is how she she referred to herself in her later years. And not her maiden name, "Turri," is also the name of a small village in Italy...which I'm thinking her Dad was from.

Meanwhile, my father's original name was "Pompeii," also named after a city. And that's why I now refer to him as "St. Pompeii."

Either way, when I speak of one - I find it difficult not to speak of the they were (and remain) such an integral part of my life and upbringing.

In any case, I celebrated their lives when they were on Earth, and I celebrate their spiritual lives in Heaven. And I know that they are helping me in ways in which they were unable to do so forever.

So I bless them forever by being the best person I can waking up everyday and making every attempt to do "be" honor of them...and the legacy of Love that God left me THROUGH them.

Because "Honor Thy Mother and Father" means just honor the life that God gave me by way of my beautiful live my life to its fullest potential...employing loving-kindness each step of the way.

For more about my parents, please see link below.

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