Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Origin of "Want" Does Not Mean "Desire"

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

This Biblical passage does mean what everyone has thought it's meant through the years.

The "want" in question here is defined with reference to "wander." As in, "I shall not wander."

Shepherds cared for flocks of and herds of sheep, which they had to guide and corale...sheep which would tend to "wander."

We, the children of God=Love and Light, are referenced here, metaphorically, as "sheep."

As such, God, the Universe or however you name the Creator of All Good Things, does not seek for us to "want" anything with regard to "desire." Instead, God=Love prefers that we do not "wander" away...from the Light...from positive thinking...from sound living....from loving-kindness.

"Begging" and "wanting" and "desiring" has no true place in our relationship with "God=Love." We do not - and should not - have to "beg" or "want" for any desire.

Instead, it works in our favor when we choose not to "wander" away from loving-kindness, peaceful living, joy, and the "Light choices."

When we choose not to "wander," God=Love, according to the great gift of "free will," and bound by the laws of Love itself, will have no choice but to grant our heart's deepest desires anyway.

In other words, our truest desires, based on loving-kindness, then come to us, freely and fully, with not a beg in sight.

So, indeed, the Lord is our shepherd...we shall not wander away.

Why should we?

Wandering leaves us lost in the dark...when "being still," keeps us found in the Light.

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