Monday, November 16, 2009

Surround Yourself Only With Positive People

If you are in an abusive relationship, whether personal or professional, physical, verbal, psychological or emotional - you need to distance yourself from that person and/or environment - and surround yourself only with positive people.

You were born as a Child of Light - as was the individual who may be abusing you. However, you are not directly responsible for the actions of that abusive individual. You are only responsible for your actions, and how they may affect the actions of that individual.

In other words, remove yourself from the tracks before the train comes by.

Your actions in caring for yourself with in turn shed Light on the abuser, and bring Light to the abuser as well, healing them in the process.

But you must make the decision first to leave your abuser - for the benefit and highest regard of all those concerned. You will increase your Light and theirs by distancing yourself from them. If you remain, the Light dims - from all directions.

So be strong - have faith - make the move - and surround yourself only with positive people!

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