Monday, December 28, 2009

Your Loving-Kindness Is My Command And My Honor

Money is great. But it doesn't impress me. Nice cars and pretty faces are are beautiful homes. But they're all a dime a dozen...especially when you got money.

What impresses me the most?

Gentleness...sweetness...sincerity...generosity...and loving-kindness.

If you got all that - I'm yours forever...and I'll make sure that all your dreams come true and that you get everything you want.

And tell you what, I'll do you one better: even if you're disgentle, unsweet, insincere, stingy and mean-spirited - I'll still be yours forever - and still make sure all your dreams come true and that you get everything you want.

For what kind of man would I be if I placed conditions and boundaries on my boundless love for thee?


Anonymous said...

"God doesn't judge because nothing can exist beyond his creation."

~ Lexy(NDERF)

Herbie J Pilato said...

Hi Lexy...

The God of Love in Heaven does not judge.

The god of this world does.

And that's how we contracted it to be.

We keep being tricked into coming back into these bodies that burn...instead of going directly into the Light.

Next time we come to the Light...don't be tricked in the tunnel by guilt from dead relatives, or "angles" who tell you your children, your mother or your boss needs you on Earth.

Just go straight on unto the Light.

And when the God of Love asks, "How have you loved me?"

Just reply, simply, "Perfectly."

And go straight on into the LIGHT!