Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Hot Ain't So Good When It's Cold"

In your search for true love ask yourself these questions:

Is the person you're interested in kind? Sweet-natured? Gentle?

Are they generous?

Do they believe in some good loving powerful being?

Are they mean-spirited? Sarcastic? Do they admit when they're wrong?

Do they care about their communities? Their cities? Their states? Their country? Their world?

Are they the type of person who could learn to love you for who you are and not for what you can do for them? Or buy them? Or give them?

Would they be strong enough to let you need them in your neediest moment?

Would they be there for you in your darkest hour or just when you're shining your Light?

Real basic questions but very important.

And yes - physical appeal is important. But as the old saying goes, "Beauty is only skin deep."

And looking hot is good. But hot ain't so good when it's cold.

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