Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let The Last Be First

Once, a few years ago in Santa Monica, I was standing in line at a bank. There was a gentleman ahead of me, who was called upon by a teller. He went to make his transaction, and he soon discovered that he misplaced his checkbook. He stepped away from the teller, and became quite frantic, going through his various jacket and pants pockets to look for his misplaced checkbook. I felt so bad for him, as well as did a few other people in line.

A few minutes later, to his delight, and to mine, he found his checkbook. In fact, everyone in line was so happy for him, that I commenced a break-out of applause, to which everyone else soon joined in.

Meanwhile, the teller, who originally helped the gentleman, had moved on to assisting another customer. So kind and humble, and now deleriously happy that he found his checkbook, the man walked way back to the end of the line, and began to wait patiently for the next available teller - at least seven people ahead of him.

At this point, I turned to everyone in line behind me - and in front of that particular gentleman, and asked, "Does anyone have any objection to letting this man go ahead of us, now that he found his checkbook?"

We all immediately broke-out into applause, accompanied by cheers - and made a path for the man to be first in line. His original teller, as well as all the other tellers, the security guard, and pretty much everyone else in the bank, just stood stunned at what they saw. As I and my kind companions in line, just continued to cheer.

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Suzi said...

it's always good to just do the right thing...(applause, applause!)