Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Bucket List For Life

I would like to sell a few more books and a couple of scripts, find a happy hottie who can love me for who I am (and not for what I can buy her), move back to Rochester, NY (near Eastview Mall), have a few kids, travel around the world, buy a home in a small village in Italy, bring as much Light to the world as possible and then turn it all into some great movie that touches everybody who sees it. That's my bucket list for life.


kris kellar kahle said...

I like your bucket list! Not only is it honest... but very possible!

Herbie J Pilato said...

Thanks, Kris. As I make my way back to LA next Friday (the Florida gig has ended) - that's very encouraging to hear.

dan said...

Herbie- Your bucket flows over with important stuff...and I know you will get there. God will keep you replenished at the well and fille every bucket you bring to him.


Herbie J Pilato said...

What a beautiful thing to say, Dan. Thank you. Herbie