Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Near-Death Experience Wisdom From My Friend "Rudenski" via Curezone.com

"In some cultures they do not have a concept of God or even have a proper name for God. A very well known NDE Experiencer, who died and came back with true knowledge from the other side stated that dogmas of this world made her ill with cancer. She came back and her cancer was healed but not by any God of religious dogma."

Anita M: "The human created dogma that I had perceived as “truth” during my lifetime, weighed me down at a personal level, to a point where I became ill. But the knowledge that it was not truth, but just a game that humans play, was all I needed to know, to get me out."

"Anita did not find God in her NDE but she did find her 'truth' that healed her body and set her free."

"I had a NDE over two decades ago and did meet God or at least something I called 'God.' I apologize if this is long winded. I usually can't say my 'truth' in as few words as Anita M but...

"In my own NDE, I found there was some type of intelligence to the light I met... not just pure love with no plan. My NDE did have a lot of religious symbolism (i.e. angels, a Jesus-like being, a court room, elders, a library with books of our life, a road with streets of a gold color - not metal - and all types of other religious trappings) but whoever or whatever was on the other side had to know my religion inside and out because I did not know the heaven of my religion was a boxy shaped place and I did not know about the cherubim that floated around God. They were there before I ever heard or read a word about them so at a bare minimum, there is something on the other side that was wanting me to see my religion through my dogma but also to show me that other souls who did not believe in my dogmas were going to also get whatever the best parts of their dogmas were in the same place I went."

"In my religion it says there are many mansions. So, I can only determine that while I actually met some type of intelligent being who seemed to loosely be called 'God' the being I met did not deny that name so it must have believed it was alright for me to have a religious outlook to frame the learning I would receive when I returned.

"Not withstanding - whenever I returned from my NDE and the teachers of my religion began to bash homeless people, divorcees, Catholics, homosexuals, Atheists, Muslims, Communists. poor people or anyone else, I would walk out because I could discern they were lying about the God of my religion. I always gave the religious teacher a second chance but if they did the same thing again. I would walk out again, mid-sentence and never return. Whatever the light is, and I call it the sum of all love and a lot of religious names, but the sum of all love is what my light was.... The light loves the very people the religious people of my religion told me God hated. If everyone just walked out when their religious salesmen started talking smack about people the light loves then maybe they would quit lying but I think people like to believe they a better than others and are loved by 'God' or whatever deity they pray to.... more than some group of people.

"All in all though, my NDE used my own religion(that I didn't really even know) and showed me that it could still be a vehicle to use to help me through my life but I was going to have to ignore some of its more ugly tenets and I was going to have to cherry pick its sacred text to find within it a means to continue claiming that religion as my own...

"It is human nature to be competitive. If it is not pitting themselves against other nations then will often pit ourselves or beliefs against other people's beliefs or physical prowess. I know in my country, sports and war are the most profitable sales items in the boy's toy area. Rows and rows of toys with guns and bombs and row after row of sport's items that feed what boys crave. I know people like to play war in this world... I was a product of that craving as a child but at least my NDE gave me an understanding that killing my opponents did not please the God I met in my NDE...and it not just boys who like fighting...and there is a reason why women fighting each other are called 'cat fights.' It seems common sense to me that God does not want God's children fighting against one another but when I was still a young child I would hear the teachers of my religion preach about genocide of people of other religions as if that was what God wanted.

"My addiction, even after my NDE, was pitting myself against others in sports or games. I was always such a physical person and I still am but I broke my neck and recovered from it when I had my NDE. I have had to overcome two more serious neck injuries since I broke it the first time. Those down times put me in extreme pain and poverty for many years on end. I learned from those years to see what the light showed me in my NDE. I learned that the light didn't hate the poor. God didn't hate the blind(even though my religious texts said God cursed them).

"My job now is to teach blind adults and children how to adjust to blindness and go to learn skill that will allow them to work. I also learned that the light I met in heaven could love a homeless person because I became homeless after re-injuring my neck.

"I had given up on life and I got down on my knees and prayed to the God of my religion and he spoke to me and said, 'I did not promise you that people will not break your heart.'

"The voice then said, 'People will break your heart."

"The voice said something then that completely matched what I experienced years before in my NDE and my religion. The voice from the sky said, 'I promised you that I would never leave you nor forsake you.'

"Now that last part is straight from my religion but the other parts were not part of my religious understanding so my rounded out understanding from it all is that there is some way to integrate our religions into our lives, where it can still be beneficial to us, but we may need to discard some of its less than loving aspects... At least that is what I got from that post NDE meeting with my invisible religious deity.

"I have been addicted to computer chess, since the internet allowed one to play chess online with another... I have literally played tens of thousands of chess games against thousands of people from all over the world.

"I believe competition is bread into us. I lived in Mexico as a teacher for a year. When I lived in Mexico, I used to play soccer with the little kids and they were so proud that they could outplay me(an adult from another nation). I one time walked by the same kids and the were using bottle caps to pretend they were one army opposed to another army. I guess playing war doesn't to cost anything. They would flick one cap at each others formations of bottle caps to see which army was more powerful.

"A few months ago I finally quit playing computer chess but then I started playing a type of online pool the other night and played it until 3AM... so I know it is still in me... the need to dominate and crush my opponents but I saw in my NDE, outside of the planet a new version of earth where each spirit and soul were not in competition with one another... We were cooperatively helping one another, sharing our gifts with one another but there was no competitive tension.

"I am trying to teach my little one how to live but today they asked her in front of the peace church I attend what church means to her. She said to help people, to learn to love everyone everywhere, to talk to God, to help the homeless, and learn about love, 'because love is what one soul share with another soul.'

"I started crying...such profound words coming from a little five year old child. I know they teach that in childrens' religious Sunday school or Saturday School or Friday School but I wish the rabid mouthed teachers of religion all over the world would listen to Sunday school teachers, or by whatever name someone of school or home schooling might teach our little ones to love love one another. And even if some teachers do not believe in God then I would hope that they would believe in love, and it would all work out the same."


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