Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dan Weaver's "Dad Had Twenty Hearts," Too

My great friend Dan Weaver emailed me in response to one of my recent blog posts, titled, "My Dad Had Twenty Hearts." Here, I talk about my experience with my Dad in 1994, when he was ill - and how I was torn between staying by his side and leaving for an out-of-town assignment (which see the blog post dated February 14th).

In any case, Dan's response to my initial post was so touching, I asked him if I could share it in public on www.herbiejpilato.blogspot.com as a separate post. To my honor, he agreed. Here now is what he said:


"That is a beautiful story, Herbie. Do you remember what you used the $20 for? Somehow, even if it was subconcious, that money served a purpose that advanced your career.

How wonderful that your Dad understood how much that trip and your writing meant to you. My Dad was concerned about my TV career and for the longest time discouraged it, wanting me to become a doctor to work in private practice with him--he was a physcial therapist. But I had one of those moments like you when I knew how proud he was of me.

Towards the end of his life he came to visit one of his sons from his second marriage who was serving in the Marines in San Diego. He rode the train up to LA to visit Lee and me. I arranged to get tickets to The Tonight Show, not fully understanding how he loved that show and never missing it each night. The VIP seats allowed for us to get a photo with Jay [Leno] after the show. My 6'4" dad, a former boxer once weighing in at 225 with few fears, was literally speechless. Jay even told him to calm down.

At that moment, I was the biggest producer in Hollywood. That picture was framed and used at his funeral; he talked about that experience much.

It's so important that we have the validation of our fathers. For you, that walk to the pool and his gift was truly priceless. Thanks for sharing it and stirring my memories as your work so often does."

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