Monday, March 01, 2010

Live Your "A-Life" And Let Others Live Theirs

It is said, "There is no such thing as a small honorable deed" - on Earth - as in Heaven.

No truer words have ever been spoken, quoted or written.

On Earth we may follow our "A-Plan" (the full life we were meant and choose to live before we are born) at what may only look like the sacrifice of others (i.e. leaving your hometown for an out-of-state career choice, "abandoning" friends and family to pursue your dreams).

Heaven is not concerned with our trivial Earthly pursuits (finding the "perfect" job or our "true love," buying a Mercedes, etc.). There are better things in Heaven than what we could only dream about and attain here in this world.

However, what matters most, on Earth as in Heaven, is how much Love and Light we shine towards others and ourselves. For however we name "God," one thing is for sure, the truest God is made-up of Love and Light, all of which and whom, of course, lives in and stems from Heaven.

Consequently, we are observed by Love and Light in Heaven - measured by the amount of Love and Light we shine, share and give away on Earth.

Meanwhile, all that we need to concern ourselves with on Earth is following and fulfilling our A-Plan with the utmost enthusiasm, joy, persistence and loving-kindness - and doing so by causing the least amount of harm (to ourselves and others).

For on Earth the "needs of the many" only seemingly outweigh the "needs of the few," while, in Heaven, there are no needs at all.


Go live that "A-Life" on Earth, stop worrying about what other people think and feeling guilty about making the "wrong" decision - and move forward with confidence, faith and loving-kindness.

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