Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On The Inside, Looking Out - Maria Pellegrino's Road To Recovery From Schizophrenia

Born. Intelligence. Father. Mother. Sister. Family. Friends. Co-Workers. Supervisors. Teachers. Students. Educated. Medicated. Conversation. Manipulation. Anger. Joy. Sadness. Control. Chaos. Introversion. Paranoia. Intervention. Inspiration.

This is the amazing story of Maria Pellegrino and her life-long battle with and ultimate victory over schizophrenia.

With ON THE INSIDE, LOOKING OUT: MY ROAD TO RECOVERY FROM SCHIZOPHRENIA, and a straight-forward, unique perspective, Maria invites us into her mind — and shows us just how strongly she confronted the personal demons that set out to destroy her life. But, as the reader will learn, those same demons had no idea who they were up against: one singular and very courageous, spiritually sound, and unstoppable force by the name and guise of Maria Pellegrino.

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