Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOVE Cares!

In April 2009, before I moved back to Los Angeles, I was resting on the floor in what had become my empty apartment in Rochester, New York. I had just returned from my bon voyage party at a local club, where I performed a few happy songs, surrounded by loving family members and many good friends. It was only a few days prior when I had finally sold the last few pieces of my furniture, gave away to friends my prized possessions and, in the process, demantled the shrines and remnants of the past.

Once more, it was time for me to leave Rochester. But would I be able to succeed, to start again in Los Angeles at nearly 50-years-old? Would I have the stamina and the guts that once drove me so steadily through the '80s and early '90s?

I wondered aloud if anyone would care?

I then fell asleep, and had a dream. And in this dream, I heard a very dark voice tell me that "Nobody cares."

Fortunately, another voice chimed-in...a Light voice, which countered that dark vocal with, "LOVE cares."

The dark voice reiterrated, "NOBODY cares!"

The Light voice countered once more with: "LOVE cares!"

The banter between these two articulations continued until LOVE won, and I awakened realizing that "I" was the Light voice responding to the darkness that was attempting to stagnate my life. "I" was in control of every good thing that happens to me in my life...that ALL OF US control our own destinies...and that we should never let any dark or negative "voice" derail or detour us from what we know to be a solid and happy destiny that awaits us.

For the morning after I had that "dream," I flew to Los Angeles and commenced my new life - with a renewed confidence in knowing that everything is on track...because...

LOVE cares!


Anonymous said...

Love does care Herbie... and I really appreciate you sharing your light with the world.

Anonymous said...

Read "Life After Life" by Raymond Moody, Jr. It made me believe.

Herbie J Pilato said...

Yes - I have read "Life After Life" - some years ago. Thank you for the suggestion. And there are many thousands of books that hold such answers. Not to mention wonderful websites like www.nderf.org and near-death.com.