Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Sister's "Pure" Message From My Parents

The connection was strong between not only me and my Mom - but between me and my Dad as well. They are both fine in Heaven, and I know this now more than ever.

But in times of joy and sadness, loss and victory, deep feelings of missing my parents resurface in one form of another.

Yet, the message this time is to move on and forward - with joy.

As I found myself once more dealing with loss of my parents, my sister Pam happened to call me.

We both cried on the phone. But in the next hour, she sent me an email, which was filled with words that were not of this world.

Our Mom and Dad, Frances Turri and Pompeii, were clearly speaking through her to me when she wrote with such grace the words I now feel compelled to share with all of you. And may these words somehow bring comfort to you in whatever loss you may be experiencing and may they help you, as they have helped me, to move on...and forward...with only joy. Here now is what my sister relayed to me with regard to caring for and then losing our Mom and Dad:

"Herbie J - There was nothing more humanly possible than you could have done. Stop crying. And move on. Live your life knowing you did everything you could for Mom and Dad. They were very good people who lived simple lives and asked of nothing from anyone. They did their job. They were tired. And it was their time. They were pure."

In memory of my Parents, and in view of the great love that my sister and I had for them, and still have for them, know that the Love we ALL share with each other - in one form or another, in this world, and on into the next world, is "pure"...a purity that should only encourage us to move and look forward to the future...from this moment on.

Shine on, Everyone. Shine on.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the universe is telling you something very different. To move on from what you have been doing . Does your books have an audience or can a broader one be found. Do you need to concentrate on the "TV" shows of the past and what they did or didn't do for people is there a story there? Your writing might be better employed in telling others stories. One suggestion comes to mind. Interviewing the elders in nursing homes around L.A. How many of them might have been in the entertainment industry in some capacity and have a story to tell. I think the elderly all have a story to tell. Just ask the right questions. How they need to be heard. Now that might be something people might listen too.

Herbie J Pilato said...

Interesting commentary. Thank you. Wish you would identify yourself. Please email me: