Friday, August 13, 2010

We're Not Just About TV Trivia

Classic TV.

It's not about trivia.

It's not about eccentricities.

It's not about obsessions.

It's not about the past.

It's about love, the simple treasures, and every good, true, sincere and happy moment that was ever filmed, taped and recorded; not just for posterity, but for warm inspiration and, of course, entertainment. It's about the sincere slices of life. The easy pace. The kind demeanors. The respectful stance and approach. It's about what used to be called courting, and families. It's about barbeques, playing bridge, and visiting with neighbors. It's about Sunday dinners, and even a few desserts. It's about caring, strong work ethics and understanding priorities. It's about slowing down, and not running. It's about acceptance, equality and tolerance. It's about embracing the moment, and understanding that life is not about yesterday or tomorrow. It's about today, and living life as fully and joyfully and as generously as possible. It's about sharing, and inclusion. It's about holding on to this moment, right now, this second...and knowing it's the one thing we can be sure of. Indeed, it's about time. Quality time. The kind worth spending. Or as that A&E slogan once relayed, "Time well spent."

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