Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Angels," "Wonder Women" & "Perry Mason": It's All About Casting - An ALL-BLOGS-Points Bulletin!

I am so shocked at the miscasting of the new and updated editions of "Charlie's Angels" (set for ABC) and "Wonder Woman" (NBC), that I have been inspired (forced!) to make my first multi-blog replicant post.

Translation: This post will be the first to also appear simultaneously on each of my blogs (see list below for details).

To start things off, I'm reminded of what my good friend, actor Richard Anderson once relayed to me. Richard, of course, is best known for his iconic performance as "Oscar Goldman" on "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman." But he also had a recurring role as "Lt. Steve Drumm" on Raymond Burr's classic "Perry Mason" TV series.

As Richard once relayed about working the legendary Burr, the "Mason" believed very strongly that the key to the success of ANY television show (or film and play, for that matter) was CASTING.

"If you don't have the right actor in the right role," Burr told Anderson, "then you won't have a hit."

Sad to say, this was the case a few years back when Michelle Ryan was cast as the new "Jaime Sommers" in NBC's 2007 remake of ABC's "The Bionic Woman."

Granted - there were many other issues with that reconstructed BW, but the truth of the matter is: Michelle Ryan simply did not have the same warmth or natural beauty that Lindsay Wagner brought to the original "Sommers" series.

Such now is a similar case with the re-dos of "Charlie's Angels" and "Wonder Woman," both of which are now in development and in the pilot-filming stage.

Adrianne Palicki has been cast as the new "Diana Prince" and "Wonder Woman" in the revamped WW series (which for some reason transforms the lead heroine into a vigilante), and Rachel Taylor, Minka Kelly, and Annie Ilonzeh will be new "Angels" - all lead by the new "Charlie," to be portrayed off-screen by Robert Wagner.

With the exception of Wagner as the "Angel's" boss, all of these actors are simply miscast.

Palicki as WW, and Taylor, Kell and Ilonzeh as the new Angels are okay choices...but they do not come anywhere near the classic, iconic, sophisticated, elegant and regal grace and beauty of original WW Lynda Carter, and original Angels Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith.

The "Charlie's Angels" feature films of a few years back also made this same mistake: Drew Barrymore? Cameron Diaz? Lucy Liu?

Again, all very pretty women...but "Angel" material?

Where was Ashley Judd? Catherine Zita-Jones? Michelle Pfeiffer?

Now THAT'S class and distinction!

Overall, it's just such a shame that those behind the scenes of the new WW and CA are just plain clueless as to what true star power is required for their revamps.

I just don't get it how THEY just don't get it!

Maybe I'll be proved wrong. Maybe the new WW and CA actressess will "knock it out of the park!"

But I'm thinking that's just not gonnna' happen...and the "Wonder Woman" and "Charlie's Angels" franchises will be sunk for years to come.

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Day said...

So...what did you think about some of the fan-supported ideas such as Firefly's Gina Torres for WW?

Herbie J Pilato said...

She's beautiful. But is she statuesque? Does she have BLUE eyes? Hips? Is she well-endowed? Don't mean to sound crude, but the potential actress for Wonder Woman needs to LOOK the part. Exactly. As did Lynda Carter. She, of course, must also be able to act...and do as equally a charming job as Lynda Carter. (You should go to my "Classic TV Corner" blog at for more on Wonder Woman and similar topics.