Saturday, May 07, 2011

"Disability Media-Alive, Well & Growing" by Vince Staskel

My career and my passion for the past 32 years professionally and 61 years personally has been gaining social inclusion for persons-with-disabilities. After retiring as a legal rights advocate and accessibility consultant I pursued my passion of working within the entertainment industry promoting performers-with-disabilities.

I left the familiar agency setting for the new emerging world of "Disability Media." With-in a five year span this new field has lossomed. Our ultimate goal is to have disabled performers appearing regularly on screen. However for now the media opportunities available for us is on the rise.

One great effort is Disabled Radio hosted by the dynamic Chicago advocate and writer Rob Pritts. I am delighted to be a co-producer along with Sara Powell of this show. After writing From CP To CPA Rob is successfully taking on internet radio. The show's ever increasing audience and appearance requests attests to Disabled Radio being an effective voice on disability issues.

Another outstanding project is This Is Life getting very close to re-launching on KFMB-FM in LA with plans for syndication on additional CBS affiliates throughout the country. This Is Life has the very talented team of stars.

Toby Forrest the actor you've seen on The Defenders whose band Cityzen is breaking out nationally.

TV Icon Geri Jewell from The Facts of Life and Deadwood. Her autobiography I'm Standing As Straight As I Can is a best seller.

Comic great Kathy Buckley who as the nation's first hearing-impaired stand-up comedian has authored If You Could Hear What I See tours internationally in support of deaf education.

The show helmed by Producer Mike Steiner has gathered award winning industry professionals to guide it through a bright future on the radio. I am thrilled to assist both Mike and Barbara Glassman in generating potential sponsors.

This Is Life had a very good run of WebTalk Radio last year.

The project that got me started was Howard Renensland and his [with]]tv a fully inclusive television and internet showcase for performers, writers, and producers with disabilities. Howard's intensity and drive was the exact catalyst for me to see the immense need for a viable venue to present our creativity.

As the Director of Volunteers, I continue to "get-the-word-out,"while Howard and his business team secure investors, sponsors, and financial support.

What these three projects represent is how welcoming a world it is. Talented people utilizing their creative energies to find their place in show business and succeed. The media playing field is becoming more level. Yes we do need more acceptance out there. However in my 61 years I am seeing such outstanding opportunities for a very inclusive entertainment industry ahead.

The works detailed above are ones I am presently assisting. There a more shows, films, productions, and blogs available. Please check them out for your enjoyment and support. The world of disability media is fully accessible.


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