Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Hollywood Bowl and Michael Feinstein Play Elegant Host To Classic TV Stars

For countless Friday nights at 8 PM, Florence Henderson performed on The Brady Bunch.

For one very special Friday night at 9 PM, Florence Henderson performed with Michael Feinstein and the Singing Stars of TV.

Millions originally experienced the former from 1969 to 1973, via the magic of television, specifically ABC.

A few lucky thousand experienced the latter on July 29th, 2011, live at The Hollywood Bowl.

With either performance, Ms. Henderson sang the theme to The Brady Bunch, and it was heavenly to hear. Hearing it live, however, was seventh-heavenly.

Of course it didn't hurt that Ms. Henderson, elegant and seemingly immortal in a graceful canary full-length sequence gown, performed, sequence...along with the one and only Dick Van Dyke, super talent Wayne Brady and contemporary retro king Cheyenne Jackson. Each was introduced by the indelible Michael Feinstein playing perfect host, vocalist and pianist with the pristine Jack Everly conducting a crystal-clear sounding Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

Can you tell I liked the show?

How could you not?

There was Mr. Feinstein, the legend and in top-form, with wit, song and keyboard, playing both exquisite performer and gracious host to Ms. Henderson and Mr. Van Dyke, each entertainment legends who commenced and flourished with their careers on the Broadway stage.

Mr. Brady, who at only 39, remains a renaissance man if there ever was one. He is an unstoppable yet humble talent that evergreens a breath of fresh air with a charm that is merely outweighed by his charisma.

Mr. Jackson ever holds captive his audience, be it live or any of numerous screen performances (notably and most recently on Glee).

Michael Feinstein and the Singing Stars of TV perform again tonight.

Don't miss it.


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