Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Ten Commandments of Classic TV

I.   Thou shall be like Kwai Chang Caine, and respect the creeds of all good religions and spiritual beliefs.

II.  Thou shall honor thy mother and father as gracefully as John-Boy Walton, and honor thy children with as much loving-kindness as Uncle Bill showers upon Buffy, Jody and Cissy.

III.  Thou shall liken thyself unto Samantha and Darrin, and respect one to the other’s differences and concentrate on what makes all of every nation and diversity the same (our common humanity).

IV.  Thou shall be like that girl Ann Marie and that boy Don Hollinger, and respect one to the other purely, based initially on sincere affection which later transforms into true committed love (at which time noble physical pleasure replaces vacant lust).

V.  Thou shall honor thy physician as long as said physician resembles Dr. Welby (who honors the independent needs of the individual patient’s body temple more than the umbrella contracts with myriad pharmaceutical companies).

VI.  Thou shall respect the laws of humanity, as valiantly as Perry Mason.

VII.  Thou shall have as strong a work-ethic as Rob Petrie and Mary Richards.

VIII.  Thou shall understand the power of true inner strength, as does Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers.

IV.  Thou shall be like the Bradys, and gather consistently at the dinner table with whomever thou namest thy family, and appreciate every morsel of food that passes through thy lips.

V.  Thou shall make one to the other laugh as much as Lucy.

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