Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adam West Can Save The World

I have yet to see the new Batman feature film, but not really that crazy about Chris Nolan and Christian Bale's Dark Knight franchise from what I have seen of the previous two films. They're too dark...too dingy....too depressing...too much of a drag. 

I like it better when superheroes are happy people...when action movies are bright and filled with adventure. 

I long for the day when a Batman feature film, in particular, somehow combines the colorful fun of the 1960s Batman TV series and real opposed to clinical technology more or less based on clinical depression, which not only Mr. Nolan and Mr. Bale brought to Batman, but as did Tim Burton with the first Batman movie in 1989. 


Adam West, where are you?!  The world needs you!


Paul Green said...

Totally agree. I've had enough of the cynical, negative Batman that was evident in Frank Miller's interpretation and the subsequent films based on the "Dark Knight". I'd like to see an interpretation based on the Carmine Infantino - Gardner Fox version from the 1960s. Or the Mort Weisinger-Curt Swan version from World's Finest Comics. They were optimistic and positive and totally unpretentious.

Author/Actor/Executive said...

Thank you for your comment, Paul. And for affirming the big-screen potential and possibilities for "The LIGHT Knight"!