Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mandy Pantinkin Is Sick of TV Violence, Too!

In his own classy way, Mandy Patinkin protests TV violence!  

You tell 'em, Mandy!  ALRIGHT! 

(see link below for full story)

Friday, September 07, 2012

No Vulgarity. No Violence. How About Using TALENT?!

I want so much to love American television - and films - as much as a I love classic American television and film. But the state of the product out there is just pathetic.

And it's not even a conscious thing.

The powers that be and the consumers are desensitized to the junk that is being placed "out there" and in the theatres.

Unfortunately, all that matters is the almighty dollar.

And look, I love money, makes the world go 'round and I support any and all who seek to make it and spend it.

But at what price?

Let me explain it this way:

I used to teach acting. I was a very tough teacher and I had certain rules for my students, the number one of which was: "No scenes with vulgarity and violence."

For example, I asked them to prove their talent beyond taking the easy way out of using profanity or violent behavior to show anger.

I used to tell them, "Impress me with your TALENT!"

And that's all I'm asking for in today's TV and films; and pop-culture.

To all the writers, producers, directors and actors who make TV shows, movies; appear on stage, music-makers, etc.:

Impress me with your TALENT...and not by taking the easy ways out of speaking vulgar words, showcasing "manic" camera angles and blood-soaked violent images.

Impress me with your TALENT!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Classic TV Star Johnny Whitaker Is An Amazing Person

Former child star Johnny Whitaker is best known from his roles on beloved classic TV shows like Family Affair and Sigmund, the Sea Monster.

Below is a link to a profile of him that was published in The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, September 6, 2012.

It blew me.

He is an amazing person - and his extraordinary life is a testament to everything The Classic TV Preservation Society represents and strives to achieve.

God bless Johnny Whitaker.

"A Former Addict Makes Reparations To Grieving Mexican Mothers",0,354108.column

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Why Are New TV Shows So Obnoxious...ALL THE TIME?!

Seriously, does EVERY character on EVERY new TV show have to be sarcastic, sardonic, obnoxious and mean-spirited...ALL THE TIME?!
Shows like Mad Men succeed not because they're innovative, but because they tell stories with actual characters like shows used to in the old days...minus manic camera-angles and one-dimensional characters. Viewers stop clickining the remote when they see such a show because they actually have a moment to relax and watch TV without having to watch obnoxious, loud and offensive programming.