Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marie Osmond's New Hallmark Show Is Bright Spot on Daytime TV

Marie – the show – and Marie Osmond – the human being – are welcome entries to daytime television.

In the warm and welcoming tradition of yesteryear’s Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore talk/variety shows, Osmond’s new daily hour on The Hallmark Channel brings a class, elegance and sophistication to today’s TV that has been sorely missed for far too long.

A showbiz veteran of over five decades, with a seemingly immortal, youthful glow and energy, Marie Osmond is a non-stop powerhouse of talent on every level.  We all know she sings, dances, and acts to excel (the Friday night ABC variety show that she hosted with her also-charismatic brother Donny, is legendary in the world of classic television).  But many of her other diverse attributes may not be so obvious…at least not until you watch any segment of Marie.

Thankfully, Marie on Marie goes against the grain of the mean-spirited, edgy, non-stop sarcastic banter that is so prevalent on other talk shows of today.  Instead, Marie employs her wit and media savvy with a pervading grace that actually lets her guests talk, and she makes every attempt NOT to interrupt them.  She’s nothing but a cordial host, as if she was speaking and entertaining her guests and, subsequently, her viewers – in the intimacy of her own home.

In the Marie segments I have seen on television, and during a recent and delightful visit to see the show in person, that’s exactly the atmosphere that she creates.  She makes you feel “at home,” whether she’s chatting with a celebrity or a member of her studio audience.  Unlike many public personalities who are only “nice” when the cameras roll, Marie treats everyone the same: with respect.  On or off camera, she asks real questions about real life (“How’s your Mom?”), and plays no favorites, only because she makes everyone feel like they are her favorite.  As a result, the viewers at home are brought to the party as if by special invitation – and just plain don’t want to leave or have that party end.

A multi-entertaining icon, Marie’s truest talents rest with her God-given ability to communicate, her sense of humor (which is direct; but never hurtful or insulting), and her ability to see everyone as equal.  Her joyful spirit, combined with enormous talents, and her generous heart (she’s raised countless millions for with, for one, the Children’s Miracle Network charities), allows Marie Osmond, the gifted human being, to present Marie, the show – as nothing less than a gift to those who watch, embrace – and make – television.

In turn, Marie and Marie, make television history.

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Judy Hamrouni said...

Marie is a wonderful and entertaining television program. She brings in great guests and I love how much they truly.enjoy talking and laughing with Marie. Some guests even open up on a very personal and emotional level, as they feel so at ease when talking with Marie. I also love the cooking, fashion and helpful hint segments. It's really a great hour of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, it is about time we have something on that is so refreshing and entertaining!

Sharron Richtik said...

I am a BIG fan of Marie's and have had the true pleasure of meeting her a few times. She is as sweet and as nice in person as she appears on TV. I watch her every day, and if I can't I TIVO her. She is so honest and true and her interview style makes her guests feel secure. She is a true lady!

Sharron Richtik said...

I love Marie and watch her show every day. I have been lucky enough to meet her a few times and she is as sweet and nice in person as she appears on her show. She has the ability to make her quests feel truly comfortable. She is a tru lady! I also collect her dolls and have over 500, so you can see I am a real fan! Now she is going to be a Grandma!!!