Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In Tribute to Legendary Casting Director Marvin Paige

A memorial service for legendary casting director Marvin Paige was recently held at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Marvin, who passed away on November 13, 2013, was one of the true believers in classic Hollywood, and cast everything from TV's groundbreaking Combat series in the 1960s to being responsible for having Elizabeth Taylor make her monumental appearance on General Hospital (on which he served as casting director from 1980 to 2006).

In fact, it was Marvin who cast me on General Hospital, which became my first professional acting job - a moment that clearly changed my life.

It was also Marvin who was there for me when my father passed away in 1995. 

I'll never forget it.  We dined at the old Hamburger Hamlet at the winding corner of Sunset in Beverly Hills.  In the midst of my grief, it was Marvin who encouraged me to continue my pursuits in the  industry because, as he said, "It's what your father would want you to do."

That's the type of guy Marvin was; no fair-weather friend was he.  Marvin was the real deal and it is no mystery why he leaves behind such a gaping hole in Hollywood, and why hundreds of colleagues and clients turned up at his memorial to pay their respects to someone who deserved it, ten-fold.

God bless you, Marvin - and thank you for every great Light you brought to Hollywood - and may YOUR star continue to shine in Heaven just as brightly as did - and still does - on Earth.

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