Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Chuck Harter's New "Mr. Novak" TV Book is Epic

When Mr. Novak debuted on NBC in 1963 it broke new ground in the arena of television drama.

Today, Chuck Harder's new book about the series breaks new ground in the arena of literary television companions.

Thoroughly researched, and expertly written, MR. NOVAK: AN ACCLAIMED TELEVISION SERIES (BearManor Media, 2017) is one of the most remarkable entertainment, media-related, and pop-culture books to come along in quite some time.  In the vein of Bart Andrew's I LOVE LUCY BOOK, and Marc Zicree's TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION, Harter's MR. NOVAK takes the entertainment reader to a new level.

The book features an Introduction by director Richard Donner (who guided episodes of the series, and later feature classics like Christopher Reeve's Superman from 1978), a Foreword by Martin Landau (Mission: Impossible), an Afterword by Walter Koenig (Star Trek), and commentary from a plethora of guest-stars on the show, including Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Tony Dow (Leave It To Beaver), Beau Bridges (Stargate), June Lockhart (Lassie, Lost In Space), and Sherry Jackson (The Danny Thomas Show), all of whom later found uture fame in shows of their own.

In a word, MR. NOVAK: AN ACCLAIMED TELEVISION SERIES by Chuck Harter is epic.


Click on the link below to order MR. NOVAK: AN ACCLAIMED TELEVISION SERIES by Chuck Harter.

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