Monday, January 30, 2006

"We are like God when we forget the bad and remember the good"

"...We are like God when we forget the bad and remember the good things about those we have known in our life. God forgets the pain we have caused but that doesn't mean we should be pain...because the pain we give and the pain we receive will vanish some day, but the love we give and love we receive will stand as a testament of our life forever..."

- Rudenski, Near-Death-Experiencer

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here's to your health!

* Eliminate ALL red meats.

* Eliminate all alcoholic beverages and soda. If you must have alcohol with your meal, make it only one nice, cool classy glass of white wine - with dinner. Though red's okay, too. And if you must have soda, make it ginger ale. But ideally, only drink bottled water. Preferably, Aquafina. And NEVER drink JUICES with your meal. At breakfast, have your juice at least 20 minutes BEFORE your meal. The acids of the juices do not mix well with food. That's why people, from when they are very young, frequently get stomach aches.

And when you do drink juice, make it GRAPE JUICE. And NOT generic, but WELCHES. And not white grape juice, but actual GRAPE GRAPE JUICE. (Though make sure to dilute it with bottled water bottled. Otherwise, there's too much sugar in the juice for your system.)

And oh yeah - GREEN TEA is REALLY good for you. It eats away callories, in addition to just plain being a wonderful anti-toxin in general.

* Eliminate ALL white breads, and Italian/French loaf-concoctions. Eat only pumpernickel or darker breads. Marble or rye is fine. Wonder Bread is POISEN.

* Eliminate ALL fried foods. Eat only baked or broiled meats, though preferably fish or fowl.

* Have your salads AFTER your meals (you know, like the smart people do in Europe). And drink water before, after and during your meals.

* Eliminate ALL white pasta, and replace it with either wheat or spinach pasta, preferably spinach.

* Eliminate ALL dairy products, especially milk. Milk, like juice, taken with food is disruptive and poisonous to the stomach.

* Take as much Vitamin C (Ester-C, preferably) as possible. 1000 mg., or more, per meal is not too much (though check with your doctor on this, first). Meanwhile, study the research of Linus Pauling (

Overall, don't eat too heavily before 12 NOON, and don't eat at all after 8 PM. Also, too, talk kind to your body. Tell it how much you love it (if it works for plants, it can work for the human body). Read the books The Power of Prayer Over Plants and The Hidden Secrets of Water.

If at some point, you become DESPERATE for say, a hamburger, at least make it a regular burger (with no cheese or bacon), and please, please at least eliminate the french fries and various toppings.

Sometimes the emotional need for a Schaler's or Fat Burger outweighs the physical detriment of red meat. This is acceptable.

But why is red meat SO bad for you? Because it takes DAYS for it to digest in your system. For example, if you have red meat on Monday, it's still in your colon on Thursday, rotting and creating disease.

For desert? JELLO. RED JELLO - which helps the blood. And if you absolutely have to some sugar, have carrot cake. But that's it.

Through it all, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is to drink GREEN TEA and to drink WATER (and you'll never have any kidney stones).

All life comes from the water. The Earth is 70% water. The human body is 70% percent water. If all life on the Earth comes from the water, then the same rules apply to the human body.

See, how God=Love worked that out?

Now go drink some (bottled) water, and give your body the cup of life.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Angel Awareness

A friend of mine asked me to spend some time with her on Thursday night before she ran an errand at 7:00 PM.

So we decided to have a bite to eat.

We met at around 5:30 PM at a local eatery, and enjoyed a wonderful meal and happy conversation for the next hour or so.

I then realized that my meditation group meets on Thursday nights at 7 PM - which is the same time my friend was scheduled to make her errand.

I had not attended the meditation group for quite some time, and my friend suggested I do so.

But I hesitated.

Then my friend reminded me that usually, when we are planning on doing something that may bring us great joy we look for reasons not to follow through on the plans.

I agreed with that.

Consequently, 6:45 PM arrived, and if both me and my friend were to meet our 7 PM appointments, we would have to leave now.

So, we did. My friend went on to do what she had to do - and I hopped on the expressway.

As fate would have it, my meditation group meeting place was on the route to my house.

I once more felt compelled NOT to go the meditation, and just mosey on home.

As I came to the exit for the street to the meditation meeting, I hesitated further.

But finally, I turned off to the expressway - and went on to the meeting.

I arrived in the parking lot shy of 7 PM. But there were no parking spaces. Finally, within seconds, a space opened up - close-by to the doorway.

I parked, rushed into the buidling, and found my meditation group.

I was also hesitant about the group because a very good friend of mine that I have known for years was also a member of this group. We love each other very much, but our relationship has had its challenges. And we were kind of in the middle of a mild challenge right now.

But I marched on, and marched in.

I was hoping that one of my favorite chants would be presented during this one particular gathering, and I when I looked at the chant/song sheet, there it was:

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya," which translated means, "Om is the name of that inside me, which is aware of the Oneness of all things" (which, of course, I had also just chanted in the tub Thursday morning for the first time in a long time).

Clearly, this was validation that I had made the correct choice to visit this very special gathering on this one particular night.

Then, came the discussion, which was presented by the group's "host," and which followed a period of silent meditation.

This night, the topic was "friendship" - and once again, my decision to visit the meditation group at this particular time was validated.

I had earlier met with a wonderful friend who encouraged me to attend meditation, where I would meet with another wonderful friend with whom I had to love just a little bit more than usual.

I did so, and all was well.

I visited a little bit with everyone afterwards, and then left around 8:30 in order to rest properly for a 5:30 AM call (to work) the next morning.

As I left the building and returned to my car in the parking lot, I noticed that I had parked right next to my meditative friend's red SUV.

If you recall, I could not find a space until the last moment when I pulled in.

Now, I had realized that I had parked thisclose to my meditative friend's car.

Again - more validation that I had made the correct choice in attending my meditation group.

Then, when I opened the door to my car, and looked towards the passenger side, I saw one of my favorite books, THE ANGELS WITHIN US (by Randolph Price), resting on the seat.

"Of course," I said to myself.

This book had been returned to me at dinner, which was then some three hours before.

My dinner-companion-friend had borrowed the book and wanted to return it - that's initially why we met for a bite to eat in the first place.

So, as I sat there in my car, a gentle smile graced my face, as it became clear to me that the ANGELS had the entire evening planned from the get-go.

Thank you, ANGELS - I love you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beware the Jezebel Spirit (via the teachings of Vassula @

Hello Everyone -

Today's post is an updated and revised edition of the post from June 14th, 2005, which presented a discussion of the "Jezebel Spirit" by Vassula - the awesome visionary who has been called by God and Jesus of Nazareth to unite the Catholic and Greek Orthadox Church (which see her website

As I wrote on June 14th, please let me clear on one thing:

I believe God comes to us as we believe Him to be. If we are Christian, He will speak to us as Jesus. Buddhist? Buddah, and so forth (as I further explain in my Message of Light post - please reference archives).

That said, here now is Vassula's (abbreviated) article:

Beware the Jezebel Spirit
(Edited teachings from the writings of Vassula)

"...(Those of the Jezebel Spirit) love to project a sense of power they do not have. It is based on intimidation, in order to cloud the minds of those they desire to oppress. How frequently that spirit tries to wield influence...

...If one does not go along with his or her action, there will be consequences. Intimidation always seeks to move the person through threats. This use of fear puts the victim under control out of fear of losing something precious to him. This is blackmail and far from God's love, because these are all improper channels, use of illegitimate power and authority, projection of power that is not ours to use. This by no means insinuates that a person shouldn't stand up for himself, but rather that it should be done through proper channels. Manipulating, intimidating and dominating another human being are blatant uses of control and illegitimate authority...

...They talk about brotherly love but they do just the opposite, consciously or unconsciously. This "love" is not a divine love or even a refined human love. Rather, it is totally selfish love with its own agenda, seeking recognition or control....She will take any trait so long as she attains her goal. The other façade to manipulate will be this of a Martyr instead of playing the Master. This façade of Jezebel will try and manipulate everyone, accusing them as evil towards her. They go around to make you believe you are misunderstanding them...

...Jezebel has no problem to lie, she is known to be notorious in lying...When the Jezebel spirit is confronted with the truth, it would perceive the confronter as the enemy. Then it counter-attacks with assaults against this "enemy". In fact, no greater wrath seems to occur than when a controlling person is confronted. This person will never admit guilt or relinquish the sense of power and will retaliate against the confronter. Defensiveness is a common reaction when a suggestion is made. Pride with a mixture of insecurity, which is deep rooted, cannot take correction, because all correction is perceived as rejection. Therefore, you will never hear a person with a controlling spirit admit he is wrong. It is always the fault of someone else. Never is there confession of guilt, contrition or true remorse...

...The Jezebel spirit is in contrast to the will of God. Her will has become god. Her will must be accomplished, regardless of the consequences. Not only did Jezebel steal authority, she manipulated those in leadership. She used lies and distortions. God waits for someone to stand up to her - to confront her...

...The greatest weakness among leaders is the fear of confrontation. They want peace without paying the price of confronting the manipulation and controlling tactics of the Jezebel spirit..

...Sometimes Jezebel becomes temporarily remorseful, but soon she'll go back to her controlling tactics. When it comes to prayer, she would be praying for her own agenda. There is no power in that. True, fervent intercessory prayer causes hearts to change from pride and loftiness to repentance and humility; nothing brings a greater death blow to the spirit of Jezebel. As is typical of a Jezebel, she would complain that she wasn't appreciated enough. In her self-centered nature she would go to any lengths, by lying and exaggerating, to make herself look spiritual; after all when being self-centered, no one is as important as they are...

...She knows how to garner sympathy by knowing how to cry at the drop of a hat and fool almost anyone...Confrontation is really the only "cure" in dealing with a Jezebel spirit. The problem is that many people fear confrontation, knowing it will create an ugly scene. Therefore they prolong the inevitable. Manipulation, control and intimidation...

...Ammunition too is another issue. Jezebels are continually collecting ammunition. They acquire information that they can use against you in case they ever begin to lose their grip on power. All what they would have collected they would use against you without mercy...

...Therefore, when people try to manipulate or dominate the will of others, it is in direct violation of God's laws and comes under Satan's domain....

...Control as well is to withhold information. A Jezebel wields power over you by knowing something you don't know in a situation. In the eyes of a Jezebel, having information you don't have is a powerful weapon of control. Temptations...

...Anyone who is tempted to control gives an open door to the Jezebel spirit...

...One major characteristic of a controller is that he has to be right. He has no tolerance for being wrong and will rarely, if ever, admit to wrongdoing. A Jezebel spirit is never wrong, unless it is a temporary admittance of guilt to gain "favor" with someone. When a Jezebel apologizes it is never in true repentance or acknowledgment of wrongdoing but rather, "I'm sorry your feelings were hurt"...
...In a dialogue, he will twist things around to the point of making you feel you need to apologize for causing him to make a bad decision. I have also noticed some other characteristic from the Jezebel spirit. The controller will always take the glory for anything that looks good. He will quickly overlook those who did the hard work and easily would step on people, sacrificing all etiquette to be the one who receives credit. Spirit or flesh?Is Jezebel a spirit or a work of the flesh?...

...Jezebel is a spirit, but it has found access through uncrucified flesh. You will never have a person with a controlling spirit admit he is wrong. It is always the fault of someone else. If you insist on an apology and confront the controller, you will probably get a screaming response such as, "Yes, I'm wrong. I'm always wrong." This sarcastic spewing is a long way from repentance...
...One of its sly ways to slip away once confronted, is to try to confuse you by changing the subject five times in one minute. Confusion keeps them "undiscovered" and unexposed....

...Therefore, it is impossible to converse with a Jezebel in logic. They would write several pages dealing with all sorts of other situations than the one you are confronting them with. The context would be so vague that no one would understand head or tails. If it is in conversation they would simply talk nonsense to delude and confuse you, never responding to your question. In this situation, one has to repeat the question and ask them only to respond to that question. They never do. They never will....

...Many times the ones that carry the Jezebel spirit talk non-stop. They have a need to feel power and authority, and they will do anything to achieve it. They feel they know more than anyone; therefore they dominate all conversations. Jezebel uses talking as a form of control...

...In a typical conversation, he does all the talking, whether it is about sports, the weather or the Kingdom of God. Because of this form of control, he is unable to receive input from anyone in his life. All conversation with him is one-sided. You are doing the listening. And if ever there is a break and you want to say something, the Jezebel switches off and does not hear you...

...Rather than seeing themselves as committed servants in God's affairs who at one time volunteered willingly to serve God, they see themselves as chief executive officers of a large company. God sees them more as the butlers. God is the Chief Executive Officer. Their attitude aggravates their surrounding. They boss people around...

...There is no place for ego in the Kingdom of God...
...We have learned how the Jezebel spirit is full of ego and envious as well...

...Therefore, I would warn anyone who goes to "special lessons" that the Spirit of God gives.I will end up with this; I want to add though that a lot of the context of this article has been taken out of the books written by R.T. Kendall who has written two volumes about the Jezebel spirit. The beginning of this article are passages taken from a Greek Orthodox priest's newsletter. The rest are from my own experiences...
...Read attentively and see if anyone of you might start having traits of this spirit. If you think you recognize yourself in any part, remember all is not lost, but there is a wide door of escape and that is: REPENTANCE.

God bless you all,

In Christ,


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sounds like the "conversion of souls" or "soul grid," if you ask me.


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Astronomers have discovered a giant magnetic field that is coiled like a
snake around a rod-shaped gas cloud in the constellation Orion.

Timothy Robishaw, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, involved in the discovery, described the structure as a "giant, magnetic Slinky wrapped around a long, finger-like interstellar cloud."

Astronomers call that wound-up shape "helical."

The discovery, presented here this week at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, was made in the Orion Molecular Cloud, a known stellar nursery in the constellation Orion. It supports a previous theory about how magnetic fields interact with interstellar gas clouds.

In 2000, Jason Fiege and Ralph Pudritz from McMaster University suggested that filamentary clouds like the Orion Molecular Cloud might exhibit a helical magnetic field around their long axis. This discovery is the first confirmation of their theory.

Astronomers have long suspected that magnetic fields, combined with gravity, help to pull dust inside the clouds together to make stars. But magnetic fields in space are difficult to detect.

"The [magnetic] field in interstellar space is very weak and there are systematic measurement effects that can produce erroneous results," Robishaw said.

The helical shape of the magnetic field is believed to be caused by matter in the interstellar cloud moving in a straight line along the length of the filament. When this happens, it causes the magnetic field around the cloud to spiral around in a corkscrew pattern. The researchers were able to detect this spiral shape using the Green Bank Telescope, a radio observatory in Virginia.

Carl Heiles, an astronomer at UC Berkeley who headed the study, said that there is one other possible explanation for the magnetic field’s helical shape. It may be that streaming jets of high-energy particles from the neighboring constellation Eriandus produced magnetic waves that were transported by shockwaves to the Orion Molecular Cloud, Heiles said.

Once there, the magnetic field could have wrapped around the cloud in the spiral pattern that was observed.

The researchers said that further study is needed to distinguish between the two possibilities.

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