Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Love. It is SO simple.

The Beatles were right: "All you DO need is Love"

And England Dan and John Ford Coley were right, too, when they sang,

"Love IS the answer!"

Because it IS.Lately, I've been concentrating on loving everyone and everything as much as possible. I know it says somewhere in the Bible about there not being anything negative that "enough Love cannot heal" or something like that (I'm sure someone knows the exact passage and quote).What's interesting, too, is that, as many of those who have had a Near Death Experience, in particular, come back with the "Answer," and remain in awe of how simple that "Answer" is.

Some remember what the "Answer" is, while others do not.And that "Answer" is LOVE.Your smile is LOVE. Your work is LOVE. My typing this is LOVE. The joy you feel is LOVE. Even the pain you feel is LOVE.

When we are in "touch" with that LOVE - in all of its forms, ALL becomes conscious LOVE.

It becomes US.

Or should I say, we become AWARE that WE are already LOVE itself.It feels "good" to feel LOVE because it is the most natural thing in the Universe.

It IS the Universe.

It feels good to feel JOY because Joy IS LOVE.It feels "bad" to feel "hate," because it is the opposite of who we are - and we are out of balance.

When we get back in balance, we are back in LOVE.Anything joyful is LOVE feeling LOVE. And everything else is LOVE, too...It IS so simple.