Friday, April 27, 2007


That's my new favorite term.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Advice For The Construction And Structure Of Your Life

"Don't build houses that you can't live in."

- Rudenski

In other words, don't put yourself on the tracks, when the train is running, don't establish relationships that appear to be doomed from the onset, don't repeat abusive patterns, don't forget the past (because those who do, are condemned to repeat it), don't start what you know you can't finish, don't live a lie for a measure of pleasure, only to have it hurt when it is clearly destined to end...and in general, build your life upon a foundation of truth and integrity - and invite it to remain sturdy with contentment throughout all of your days.

- Herbie J Pilato

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Answer

There are two "Gods":

The God of this World, who THINKS he's God (but he's really not). This is the God who runs the world on a punishment/reward system - the one who made up the bull called The Ten Commandents; the God for which Jesus chastised the Pharisees.

Then there is the TRUE God of Love - who is in HEAVEN, who loves us unconditionally - the God of Love who sent Jesus, Buddah and all the good souls and angels and saints of all good religions and spiritual beliefs down to Earth to help us sincerely understand just how much we are loved.

The God of the Pharisees is called the Librarian - who keeps a record of our souls and creates havoc based on individual and group karma (the violence, etc).

The God Of Love keeps no record on anything but loving kindness - and we don't have to do one darn thing to earn this God of Love's Love. We already have it.

That's the God we need to worship - and it's THAT GOD OF LOVE who will truly protect us.

Pray to THAT GOD (of LOVE).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We Have The Power To Change The World

Rudenksi, my great friend from Heaven who had an extremely in-depth Near-Death Experience, offers more insight into how we may save the planet through LOVE.

Please do no discount his words. They are simple, clear, true and concise.

The fact of the matter is this: All that matters is LOVE - in it's simpliest form. I know that may be hard to grasp in our world of materialism, where we may think this is all there is.

But this world is NOT all there is. And as Rudenski says, we may not have too much longer on this world if we don't "get it" (that LOVE IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING).

Please read this message carefully:

"In timelessness (Heaven), I guess you could say it is a flash as their is no time and flash is as good as any word but what if in that flash you could look at every action and every word you ever spoke and you could really look at it from a hundred angles?

That is what it is like. That is why I remember my life review....because it plays over and over...and over...

...I am not too critical of the person I was before my life review because God was not...critical... but I have got to tell you that I was so brainwashed by my culture and my belief system. God loved me anyway...

...God loved my heart...I can't even tell you how much God loved me when I loved...It was like a daddy who has a son who can't hit the ball out of the park but he was just glad that I bunted and made it to first base now and then... I mean cheering the whole way...

...God loves you so much...God loves that way too... And it so good to be loved that way...

...I mean love that is on the edge of tears just hoping you will turn around and love when you could have hated on someone...when you took that shot to the chin for someone else...when you could have done a hundred things...but instead you did the right thing...what you planned to do before you were born....

...We have a very active life in timelessness (Heaven) but once we are here we think this is all there is...I can tell you this....

...This rock is but a brief stop in the story of love...And if we want to be a part of the story that survives death...we need to give up our ambitions for what this world can provide for us...That ambition is smoke in a strong breeze...

...In timelessness (Heaven) only love not attached to physical needs survives to make it into the cut that survives time...

...I know we need to do what it takes to provide...but that giving dies....

...I mean it doesn't make it to the other side...

...What makes it is that shared moment of loving kindness...that time you stopped and smelled the roses along the way...the sunset you admired...

...There are two tracks that we can go by but in the cutting room floor of our life-film...who we are when light has burned away the absence of love...all that is left is loving kindness...

...If love to anyone is doing good then they will have a short film in the final cut...simple moments of reciving goodness from a songbird ora hug outshines all of our perceived acts of goodness...but the absence of loving kindness is even a shorter cut...a non-nonexistence...

...Giving loving-kindness is the best a human being can give but the best really is those moments when we allow love loving happen.... Love is waiting there waiting for us to open our hands to receive it but we get distracted by the things we perceive is what is best for our short term desires....

...I can't tell you how important this time is in the history of "time."

...Just a few people can avert the destruction of the world for another point in the future... If just a few of us will act with loving kindness when we were heading toward an act of the absence of love...a whole new generation of of human being could get a shot...butthere has to be a change soon....

....I mean really soon...

....It is like a shot from across the other shore...

...I mean to change things now to put off to another generation the end of time...some folks need to act now...before time ends...

...The film has already been made...the earth goes up in flames...not some great time away but very only a few years...

...But if there are a few who want a different least extending time for one more generation...there is an opportunity to delay the end...Every NDE is different...We all are on a thousand thousand different life lessons when we plan this life...

...I can not say about other's NDE'ers and life films... I have only seen one and it is ending soon in a ball of flames...

...I have a two-year-old and I would like to see her grow up in in a kinder world and not one with brutish anarchy as the earth itself gives up the ghost.

...Our simple acts of loving kindness can make all the difference...

...I don't know if any of this made sense... I am just trying to be as raw as possible and hope that even a small amount of what I am writing makes the least bit of sense. A few of us giving love could really stop a lot of human misery I have seen in my "life film." I hope some of you will pick up the ball and run with it if my heart fails...

...I will try to be your back...and I hope you will be mine... If there was ever a time to give loving kindness in spite of what ourmind and bodies tell us it is now...this very moment...

...Let your light shine...and the long night of this planet may be put off for a time and a time...."

Link to Rudenski's Full Commentary and NDE Forum

Monday, April 09, 2007

"Peace, Love & Herbie"

A few years ago, right around the time the Bewitched feature film debuted, Herbie: Full Throttle, the updated version of the old Herbie, The Love Bug movies, also debuted. And many times, you would see the word Bewitched billed right alongside the name Herbie on theatre marquees across the country. I always thought that was kind of ironic and funny.

Anyway - a Bewitched fan recently sent me a little promo-magnet from the Herbie: Full Throttle movie. I keep it in my car. It reads: Peace, Love & Herbie.

I like reading that in my car a lot more than I like remembering seeing Herbie and Bewitched alongside one another on the same theatre marquee.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Laugh In The Face Of A Bully...

Remember always to laugh in the face of a bully.

Like with today on Easter Sunday, for those of us on the East Coast who are experiencing some white flakes from the sky....

Don't let that snow get you down on Easter.

Don't let it bully you.

And what's a bully, anyway?

An insecure individual who needs to put others down because they feel insecure about themselves - or because they need to make themselves feel better or superior by attempting to make others feel less than or inferior?

The best way to disarm a bully? To laugh right straight at 'em. From there, they are powerless.

Just like the snow is today. It's powerless or powerful, depending on your perspective.

Some may percieve the snow as attempting to destroy the joy of the holiday, whether in the sacred tradition or the way of the bunny trail.

But again, don't let it.

Instead, see underneath the snow, if you will. View it as a Blanket of Light that has graced the Earth, even maybe with a dash of Christmas on Easter.

So, move forward; live and celebrate this day - and every day.

Rise above it all, and allow the snow to rise and return to Heaven, which will smile upon you and maybe next time send a rainbow as a reward for your evolved perspective.

That's right - go ahead and laugh in the face of the bully, who really isn't a bully at all, but an an Angel of Light (and White) in disguise.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Says It All

I look first to my heart for answers,
And all else follows.
I concentrate on the good,
And things get better.
I am patient and kind with my family and friends.
I speak gentle words with dignity and grace.
I eat the right foods, drink a lot of water,
And I am not overly-concerned with beauty.
I am generous and love people for who they are,
And not for what they do for me - or
For who I want them to be.
I allow for differences in the world;
I magnify what makes all people the same (our common humanity).
I am a magnet of peace and joy wherever I go;
All who come to me walk away stronger of mind, heart and soul.
I encourage my peers to succeed;
I am happy for those above me when I'm at the top;
I adhere to these simple laws of Light.
I think happy thoughts.
As I do so,
My life is blessed with leadership
And self-respect.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A MESSAGE OF LIGHT (for the Spring Holiday)

In the beginning, we were all one big Ball of Light. Then a few of us decided (through the gift of God=Love's free will) that we needed to separate into billions of tiny Balls of Light. Then a few more decided that we needed to take physical form.

Sooner, than later, we found ourselves divided by all kinds of issues (with no answers) that we created, not God=Love. Now we have to create the circumstances (i.e. Earthly challenges with which to learn life lessons and/or reincarnating until we get it right - learning that Love is the answer to everything) so we can return us to where we started:

Together, united as one - back to God=Love.

So here's a quick guide:

Holidays like Christmas and Easter are symbolic messages of whom and what God=Love is in our lives. God=Love comes to us as we believe Him to be. If we are Christian, then we believe Him (and will see Him) as Jesus. Muslim? Allah. Buddhist? Buddha. And so on, and so forth, and so good. Jesus was God=Love Incarnate on Earth. As the Son of God=Love, He was and is the Awesome Deliverer. As the Son of Man, He was and is everything that each of us should aspire to be in/on this Earth realm. As a Human Being, he was one of the kindest to ever have lived. As a Historical Figure, he was a genius. Jesus' life was a living parable...a parable similar to those he was so fond of dispelling while he was on Earth. The Birth of Jesus is symbolic of the Birth of the Christ Consciousness in each of us. The Resurrection of Jesus, is symbolic of the Resurrection of our Hearts, Minds and Souls to our Higher Consciousness.

Joseph Campbell was right:

Look to the message behind the myth, myth, here meaning, story, a.k.a. Bible Stories. This doesn't mean that the Bible stories are myths, as in fantasies or as in never happened. No. Indeed, they were real and did transpire. But they transpired as history and parable, and we must concentrate on the latter as lesson for the development of our souls. In doing so, we must not employ judgment. Rather, we must love and respect one another, ignore our differences, and concentrate on what makes us the same - which is God=Love.

God=Love doesn't give a flying fig if you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Black, White, Straight, Gay, or Martian. We're all on different paths that lead to the same destination.

Once again, back to God=Love.

It's that simple, and it's not difficult and it has nothing to do with hate, for there is only Love. It has nothing to do with death, for there is only life. After what we call death, there is only more life, and that has nothing to do with division and the end of the world. For there are only new beginnings, and unity, linked by God=Love.

Therefore, hold on to God=Love, and let go of the world...

And Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

Herbie J :)