Thursday, November 11, 2010

"The Six Million Dollar Man" on DVD

Hello All -

I just want everyone to know that Giant-Interactive and Time-Life's special DVD-Box release of ALL FIVE SEASONS of the classic TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man, is an outstanding production. As the author of The "Bionic" Book, and as Founder & Executive Director of the Classic TV Preservation Society, I had the great honor of serving as one of the consultants and on-screen cultural commentators for this release, and it is simply top-notch from the word "go."

There are many who made outstanding contributions to this production, and none the least of whom are: Matt Hankinson, Brendan Slattery, Paul K. Bisson, Joseph Burns, and Rodney De Luca. Not to mention, of course, the stars and production team who worked on the show, including the iconic Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Harve Bennett, Kenneth Johnson, Steve Stafford, and countless others.

With specific regard to Giant-Interactive, the production company Time-Life commissioned to take on this outstanding project - so many times when such TV-DVD packages are put together, specifically Classic TV packages, those associated with the given-property place no concerted effort in "getting it right" whatsoever - and the results are usually subpar.

But not so with the teaming of Giant-Interactive and Time-Life.

This "Six Million Dollar" release is simply pristine, as both G-I and T-L remained true to "Bionic" mythology, by retaining their vision and dedication to the creation and presentation of this project - the quality of which could not be any more evident.

I highly recommend you run, in "slow-motion," of course, to get your hands on the set. (Please see link below on how to order.)

Herbie J Pilato
Founder & Executive Director
The Classic TV Preservation Society


The "Bionic" Book: "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman" Reconstructed (BearManor Media, 2007)

"The Six Million Dollar Man" on DVD

Monday, November 08, 2010

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