Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tribute to Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery

Today would have marked the 82nd birthday of beloved Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery.

Special commemorations about Elizabeth are planned for May 18th, which will mark the 20th Anniversary of her passing - all of this on the heels of this year 50th Anniversary of Bewitched's television debut.

The immortal memory of Elizabeth lives on in the legacy of love she left behind with her wonderful children (with William Asher): Bill, Robert and Rebecca Asher, and with her charitable ways (she advocated for the Peace Movement and the disabled community, and was one of the first celebrities to utilize her name, time and money in support of those suffering from AIDS).  Meanwhile, too, she also left behind an immense body of work that she created for her fans and all fans of classic television to embrace and enjoy forever.

Blessings to you, Elizabeth - and thank you for all your great contributions that you made to the world of entertainment.

We here at The Classic TV Preservation Society salute your life and career - as both continue to represent everything good and strong and pure and true about classic television programming.


Thursday, April 02, 2015

"The Chronicles of Ara" is a Genius Creation

With their new science-fiction/fantasy novel, The Chronicles of Ara: Creation (Topos Books, February 2015), authors Joel Eisenberg (TV writer/producer) and Stephen Hillard (equity entrepreneur and philanthropist) deliver an enormously elegant tale of imagination, wonder and genius that rivals the creative vision and intention of the iconic Gene Roddenberry and his Star Trek universe.

Eisenberg and Hillard exquisitely combine the realms of art and science with a grand-scale fictional tale based on such realistic significance that the reader walks away with a magnitude of hope that our real world seems a much better place (if only because of just this book being in it).

In effect, the reader becomes the work.  The authors, the work and the reader tingle and shimmer and shine as if in tandem with all the butterfly affects that any prized accomplishment - or accomplisher - or benefactor - could muster.

The Chronicles of Ara: Creation is simply a masterpiece creation itself; one envisioned by master artists.  Much more than just an initial chapter in a series of planned books, this Ara chronicles in a new era of an inaugural experience of grandeur; a telling portrait painted with such vibrant colors of efficiency that it should be shared in awe, across the board, in every museum...of fiction and reality.