Thursday, July 07, 2016

The All-New Official Website for the Classic TV Preservation Society!

Hello Everyone -
I am delighted to announce and invite you to visit the all-new official website for the Classic TV Preservation Society.
Different layers, pages, designs, images, and general aspects will be added over time.
But in the meantime, just click on the link below - and enjoy!
Always kind,
Herbie J Pilato
Founder & Executive Director
The Classic TV Preservation Society

The Classic TV Preservation Society

Friday, June 10, 2016

SPECIAL OFFER: Donate $100 to the CTVPS, and receive One FREE Book by Herbie J Pilato!

Receive One FREE Book written by Herbie J Pilato (from the list below) with every $100 Tax Deductible Donation to the Classic TV Preservation Society [via PayPal and

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Classic TV Stars Shine in Winning "Conversation" at Wallis Annenberg Center

What a show.  What a cast.  What a "Conversation"!

Such sums up "The City of Conversation" - the winning play on life and politics written by Anthony Giardina, and directed with diverse poignancy, educated insight, and wit by Michael Wilson (and running through Saturday June 4 at the beautiful Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills).

This telling "Conversation" plays more like a slice of life, than a live stage play.  Realistic at its very core, "City" delivers top performances by its stellar groups of actors, including classic TV icons Christine Lahti ("Chicago Hope"); David Selby ("Dark Shadows"); Michael Learned ("The Waltons"), and classic TV-related new legends like Jason Ritter (son of John Ritter/"Three's Company").  Into this eclectic mix, we find a no-nonsense performance by Georgia King, the always-impressive Steven Culp, and solid support from Deborah Offner, Johnny Ramey, and Nicholas Oteri, all of whom deliver the goods.

Lahti holds it all together, as she lets loose as Hester, the liberal voice and heart of the matter who never shies away from setting everyone straight, including her Ann-Coulter-ish daughter-in-law Anna (King).  Ritter, funny, smart, and likable, charms with triple the energy for a double take as Hester's carefree-turned-conservative son Colin, and later, conflicted grandson Ethan.

Selby takes the stage by storm each second he's on it with a commanding performance as the devil-may-care George, while Learned (with whom he once performed on "The Waltons" in a guest-spot from the 1970s) once more presents a nothing less than pitch-perfect-in-timing-and-delivery-performance as the devoted, discreet and all-knowing senator's wife Carolyn.

Under Wilson's guided panache, each actor displays a natural and never stilted ability, as if they were indeed their characters and not party to a play, political or otherwise.  The three-dimensional set both lends and represents the various in-house perspectives, as "Conversation's" timely yet retro-feel, succinctly combines its perpetually hot topics, while seamlessly mingling yesterday with today.

Spanning three decades from 1979 to 2009, "The City of Conversation" addresses, awakens, and revisits multiple issues of race, gender, sexuality, and war, some of which though never fully-resolved are somehow at least brought to light with a measure a peace to if just a few of its characters.

A pulsating visual and audio track of the alternating global climate appears above the stage, accentuating each subsequent act with applicable music and images of the changing eras.

"City" keeps the conversation going with more than just music to the ears, but becomes a feast for the eyes, and every good sensibility, becoming in the process what every live production should be and present in - and on - any stage of life.


Cast:      Christine Lahti, Deborah Offner, Jason Ritter, Georgia King, Steven Culp, David Selby, Michael Learned, Nicholas Oteri, Johnny Ramey.

Director:  Michael Wilson
Playwright:  Anthony Giardina
Set designer:  Jeff Cowie
Costume designer:  David C. Woolard
Lighting designer:  Lap Chi Chu
Sound designer:  John Gromada
Projection designer: Hana Sooyeon Kim

Click on link below for more information about "The City of Conversation," presented by Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, by special arrangement with Samuel French.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"A Classic TV Nite of Dreams" Come TRUE!

A complete success!

That's the only way to describe "A Classic TV Nite of Dreams Fundraising Gala," which transpired on Sunday, May 22nd at the Anaheim White House in Anaheim, CA.

Thank you to all the attendees, participants, sponsors, celebrities, and volunteers who made this event so very worthwhile on so many very levels.

Blessings to you all - as we all look forward to the next event!

Kindest always,

Herbie J Pilato
Founder & Executive Director
The Classic TV Preservation Society

Monday, April 04, 2016

A Classic TV Nite of Dreams Fundraising Gala (May 22, 2016) at the Anaheim White House

Even if you live out of state, and are unable to attend, please be generous and either purchase a Sponsorship Package or Donate any amount of your tax deductible dollars for A CLASSIC TV NITE OF DREAMS FUNDRAISING GALA, the proceeds of which will be divided between the Classic TV Preservation Society, the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts, and Caterina's Club (the latter of which feeds thousands of hungry children ever week).  For more information on how you can help, please email, visit, or contact Carolyn Peterson​.  Thanks so very much for your support!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nonprofit Organization Caters to Classic TV

According to Founder and Executive Director Herbie J Pilato, The Classic TV Preservation Society, or CTVPS, is “a nonprofit organization dedicated to the positive influence of classic television programming.”

Pilato, the author of several critically-acclaimed TV literary companion books, explains:  “There are physicians around the world who entered the medical field because of Marcus Welby, M.D….there are attorneys who were inspired by Perry Mason.  Family members have learned to better communicate through the years because of shows like Father Knows Best, The Brady Bunch and The Waltons.  Prosthetic limb construction was advanced because various scientists were inspired in their youth by watching The Six Million Dollar Man.  Much of present technology…everything from smart-phones to iPads have been influenced by Star Trek.” 

While the CTVPS celebrates the importance of nostalgic TV series and their stars, its core function are the Classic TV and Self-Esteem Seminars that it presents to schools, colleges, community, senior and business centers around the country.  “Meeting with the people…the viewers of these shows, whatever they’re age…that’s what the CTVPS is all about,” says Pilato.  “Talking with them and honoring how their lives and careers have been enlightened and many times validated because of their favorite classic TV show.  It’s really a beautiful thing.”

In effect, “The CTVPS caters to our culture with care,” Pilato adds.  “We treat individuals, families and all organizations with respect - and value the diverse perspective that each brings to the world.  With our unique Classic TV & Self-Esteem Seminars we help to close the gap between popular culture and education.  We anticipate the challenges of the modern media age, and continue to develop new and innovative ways to inspire positive family values for every generation. The CTVPS is here to embrace, document and help spread the word that classic television is an untapped resource for education; to prove that classic TV shows in particular are not only entertaining, but informative, socially-significant and psychologically-nutritious.

The CTVPS Mission Statement says it all:   The purpose of The Classic TV Preservation Society is to educate individuals, community, arts/media, business and academic organizations and institutions on the social significance and positive influence of classic television programming, with specific regard to family values, diversity in the work place, and mutual respect for all people of every cultural background and heritage, race and creed.

The CTVPS Board of Directors is equally impressive:  Actress Lydia Cornell (Too Close For Comfort), disabled actors advocate Vince Staskel, producers Matthew Asner (son of actor Ed Asner) and Danny Gold, Dr. James J. Kolb (of Hofstra University), world peace advocate/performance artist Thomas Warfield, and Ed Spielman (creator of the ground-breaking TV show, Kung Fu).

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Classic TV Talk Show Begins Taping

Producer-author Herbie J Pilato (Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, Twitch Upon A Star, The Bionic Book) has teamed with Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard's Mirkwood Partners (The Chronicles of Ara for Ovation TV) to produce a 30-minute talk fest about classic television, titled Herbie J Pilato's Now and Then.

The show’s first taping took place February 17, 2016 with first special guest star Cindy Williams, of the legendary TV series, Laverne & Shirley. Director Steve Akahoshi, along with production company, Unstructured Plans, shot the interview.  Pilato, Founder of the 501(c)3 Classic TV Preservation Society, serves as host of the show – which focuses on a single subject from the world of classic TV in each episode.

Further tapings are scheduled for February 22 and February 29 with the following celebrities (in alphabetical order): Kathy Coleman (Land of the Lost), Lydia Cornell (Too Close For Comfort), Ron Dante (The Archies), Bill Duke (actor/director), Kathy Garver (Family Affair), Kat Kramer (Child of the ‘70s), Stanley Livingston (My Three Sons), Gloria Loring (Days of Our Lives), Radames Pera (Kung Fu), Caryn Richman (The New Gidget/The Bradys), Phil Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond), Karen Sharpe-Kramer (I Dream of Jeannie), Ed Spielman (creator of Kung Fu), Larry Thomas (“The Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld), Larry Wilcox (CHiPs), and more.

Gilbert Adler (producer of features Valkyrie and Superman Returns, and television’s Tales from the Crypt) is an executive producer on the project, along with Lorie Girsh Eisenberg. "I know of no one in this industry more connected in, or passionate about, the world of classic TV than Herbie J Pilato," says Adler. "We want this program to become a historically important document in the world of both art and culture."

Says executive producer Joel Eisenberg: "We’re thrilled to be in business with Herbie J. The interests of Mirkwood Partners is primarily with the artistic journey. While celebrating classic TV, we want to know what a television personality does today as an artist…to understand the reality of the business, and for this program to speak to everyone who aspires to make a living in the arts, as well as classic TV fans, everywhere."

Adds Herbie J: "Our team is comprised of amazing talents and visionaries.  We all cherish the classic TV wheelhouse, and to partner with them on a project that will resonate with so many fans of classic TV…and beyond…is nothing less than an honor.”

Project will be pitched to specialized outlets in March 2016. Herbie J Pilato and Television, Ink. is repped by Diane Nine of Nine Speakers. Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard, and Mirkwood Partners, is repped by CAA.